Faux Painting Finishes
"The word faux actually means false, and refers to the technique of making one material look like another. For example, a fiberglass column made to look like it was made of Marble, or a plain sheet rock wall made to look like stucco. In the broader concept, regarding decorative painting, it refers to creating artistic finishes for surfaces that mimic many things like wood, leather, stone, and more".- Lu Goodwin Mark, owner and director of Austin School of Faux Finishes at Design Center of Austin.  Some examples of faux painting finishes are crackling, linen texture, ragging, distressed, sponge painting and granite finish.

These simple techniques can quickly warm up a room, improve the look of old walls or end fingerprint problems!

artistic innovations


Pricing is based on your specific requirements.  Please contact me for  more information. 
- Deborah Stair

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